miller's oath bespoke

The Bespoke Experience

Tailored Clothing
The experience of having a bespoke suit cut at Miller’s Oath is unlike any other.

The intimate space in the rear of the shop at 510 Greenwich serves as a workspace for fittings and taking measurements.

Tailored clothing requires three fittings to turn a roll of fabric into a perfectly fitting garment. After initial measurements are taken you will peruse a selection of the finest cloth available from Italy, France and the United Kingdom. Our full canvas garment cut by hand to your pattern features our cut away front and single button, the semi-rope shoulder creates a modern yet timeless silhouette.

Keeping the tradition of the original Miller’s store in South Dakota, every piece of Millers Oath tailored clothing is made in America.

Each bespoke shirt is cut and sewn in America and features pearl buttons, our unique embroidered gusset and the quintessential Millers Oath rounded collar with your choice of style, cuffs, button placement and personalized initializing. Our unique shirts are perfectly designed to compliment a Miller’s Oath suit.

510 Greenwich Street · New York New York 10013 · 212.219.9965