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The goal of this first meeting is to understand the intent of the desired garment that will be made for you, to take your body measurements and to help you select details and fabric. With our guidance, we will help you select from some of the finest cloths in the world from England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

We have developed an elegant house cut, which features a single button closure, a semi-roped shoulder and ticket pocket; however, if you are interested in specific details we have the ability to create whatever you desire.


A basted try-on is fitted, which is a raw state of the garment where the threads and canvas are still exposed. This allows for the tailor to easily pull apart and rework the material so that it molds perfectly to your body before the rest of the garment is assembled.


For the second fitting, you will see the garment in its near final state and more recognizable to the piece that was ordered. The purpose of this fitting is to finalize the fit and tweak of any minor adjustments before the garment is delivered. 


Once the garment is complete, we will coordinate with you to deliver your suit directly to your home, office or any other desired location. The total time from first measurements to delivery of the order is normally about 8 weeks. We want your garment to be perfect, so any extra alterations can certainly be made.


Custom suits start at $5,200 and sportcoats start at $3,200 depending on the fabric.
Made-to-Measure suits start at $2,300 and sportcoats start at $1,750 depending on fabric. 
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